Company Update
July 26, 2016

HongFangLaw insights and publications for this month

HongFangLaw Partner Eric Su and Bob Zhang, associate, discuss the protection of graphical user interface (GUI) design in China, by presenting the case of QIHU 360 vs. Jiangmin, looking closely into GUIs and design patents. With the development of technology and new online media, Graphical User Interface (GUI) acts as a very important role for man-machine interaction, affecting not only the extent of friendship of human-computer interface, but also the selection of products of users.

Follow this link for the whole article or see page 45~46 of July issue 2016 of Patent Lawyer Magazine.

HongFangLaw Partner Eric Su, discuss administrative enforcement, with an article focusing on the enforcement as ?an important remedy for design disputes. Administrative enforcement is a useful tool for resolving design disputes, but it remains underused by international design owners. Product design plays an increasingly important role in commercial competition, given that a well designed product is more likely to impress consumers with its appearance.

Follow this link for the whole article or see page 88~90 of July issue 2016 of World Trademark Review