Company Update
December 9, 2021

HFL and CICC Webinar on Anticounterfeiting investigations

Don’t miss the next webinar of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China “Protect Your Brand Against Infringement and Counterfeiting – From Investigation to Action”, organized on December 15th by the Intellectual Property Working Group (IPWG), HongFangLaw will provide one of the speakers to the event, Mr. Federico Bartolini.

We will explore how to deal with trademark infringement and counterfeiting.

Often foreign companies are caught off-guard on how to react. Trademark holders need to realize that it is up to them to organize and manage the evidence collection process in view of the possible administrative or judicial remedies against the suspected infringer or counterfeiter. Facing this challenge requires a deep understanding of the local business environment and knowledge of the regulatory requirements for the evidence to be used in administrative or judicial proceedings.

The purpose of this webinar is, in particular, to provide, through practical cases, suggestions on how to carry out an anti-counterfeiting investigation in a (cost) effective manner and which are the enforcement options once evidence material is collected.

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