Company Update
December 9, 2021

China’s IP Experts 2021 – HFL Recognition


China’s IP Experts 2021 – HFL Recognition

We are very pleased to share with all colleagues that in consideration of excellent performance and professional legal services, our managing partner here at HONGFANGLAW (HFL), Xu Zhang, has been recognized by the influential publication “Asia IP” as one of the top 100 IP Experts in China for 2021.

我们非常高兴地与各界同仁分享,本事务所的执行合伙人张旭先生,凭借其专业的法律知识与渊博的实践经验,入围权威杂志《亚洲知识产权》(ASIAIP) “2021年中国知识产权100强”专家。

As a well-established IP Practitioner with over 20 years of experience, we at HFL feel honored to have our partner Xu Zhang awarded such recognition. We will all continue our duty and our commitment to our clients with our knowledge and experience.


To see the complete list of the top 100 experts in china, please follow the link below on “Read More”.