Chinese IP Law Updates
March 22, 2017

Lawsuit against Mobike’s Smart Lock for Patent Infringement

Recently, Linglingkaimen, a Chinese provider of smart-phone ACS (access control system), stated that a lawsuit and an administrative disposition request had been filed against Beijing Mobike Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as Mobike) for infringing more than one patents of Linglingkaimen, and that the filing had been accepted by both Beijing Intellectual Property Court and Beijing Intellectual Property Office. In the lawsuit, Linglingkaimen requests Mobike to cease the infringement and compensate, without a specific amount mentioned, for the infringement of the patent rights with the valuable technology patent of smart-phone unlocking included.

Mobike’s smart lock system, with three modules of positioning, alarming and anti-theft function, not only realizes the timely positioning and anti-theft function, but automatically locks and unlocks a Mobike bicycle through renters’ scanning of a QR-code. With the smart lock as the core competitive technology, Mobike is one of the early pioneers of using smart locks in the bike sharing industry and has embraced great success over its competitors. If the lawsuit is ruled in Linglingkaimen’s favor, Mobike will be ordered to cease the infringement, and then the more than 10 million bicycles deployed all over China by Mobike will be made unavailable, which will become a disaster for Mobike who is now aggressive in taking the market.

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