Chinese IP Law Updates
August 23, 2016

An Interpretation of Statistics Report on China Patent 2015(III)

An Interpretation of Statistics Report on China Patent 2015(III)
— The coming of spring for patent holders?

Chinese?State?Intellectual Property?Office published Statistics Report on China Patent 2015 (the “Report”) which contained statistics information throughout each phases of patent research and development, use, management and protection. The Report brings to light some patent-related phenomena and issues. It suggests the environment of China patent has significantly improved, and for patent holders, the spring is approaching.

The Report indicates that between 2010 and 2014, infringement cases experienced by patentees have substantially dropped. The percentage remained as high as 36.3% in 2010, whereas the figure reduced to only 18.4% by 2014.

Based on the statistics, the gravity of patent infringement situation facing right holders has seen noticeable improvements over recent years.

A number of factors such as growing tendency of judicial remedies and strengthening administrative enforcement, maturing self-initiated consultation between the parties on patent infringement, in some measure, serve to solve part of these disputes. From the view of professional Intellectual Property services, a slowdown in infringement trend has not yet fully emerged in the past few years. The factors described above may contribute to diversifying of patent dispute solutions. However there is a long way to go before the coming of spring for patentholders in real sense.

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