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Mr. KEVIN XU has been practicing in legal field in China for twenty years since 2008, and since the beginning of his career in the area of legal service, he insisted on devoting himself mainly to the intellectual property segment. From the graduation, KEVIN XU has been working at one of the Chinese leading IP firms and has kept focus on the professional legal practice mainly in the field of intellectual property rights.

In the past years, KEVIN XU has handled thousands of cases, covering but not limited to the area of IP rights acquisitions (trademark, copyright, patents and domain names, etc.), the cross-board IP rights acquisitions and protection, non-litigation dispute cases through administrative approaches and negotiations, administrative litigations on IP rights ownership, civil litigations for trademark infringement, multinational IPR licensing and assignment transactions, administrative and criminal enforcement against IP infringement and counterfeiting, domain name disputes, anti-unfair competition, and compliance on products label and advertising materials, to build up the IP Protection System on behalf of the clients, and with the profound knowledge and experience, KEVIN XU has helped brand owners to successfully secure the Well-known Trademark Status Recognition both through the judicial system and the administrative procedures, and quite a few cases that he handled have been awarded as BEST PRACTICE or Typical Cases by the Supreme People’s Court or some local People’s Courts.

In addition to keeping cooperating with the MNC and listed company with various industries, KEVIN XU provides the wholly legal services for some newly startup companies and e-commercial companies, especially joined some negotiations of cooperative agreement for some Reality Show project. KEVIN XU is also good at the examination of contract and has handled some cases in regard to contract and labor disputes, commercial defamation, the protection of consumer’s interests and the foreign investment project.

KEVIN XU has published some articles with regard to IP protection on some famous magazines and newspapers both in China and abroad.


Oct.2015 ~ currently – HongFangLaw

May.2008 ~ May.2015 – HFG LAW & IP PRACTICE


May.2011 ~ currently – East China University of Political Science and Law – Master (IP Law)

Sep.2004 ~ July 2008 – East China University of Political Science and Law – Bachelor (International Economic Law)


  • In a trademark infringement dispute re Societe Jas Hennessy Co. v. ZHENG Weiping, Shanghai HUA JIN Commercial Co., Ltd et al, representing the plaintiff (HENNESSY) to file the civil lawsuit and attend the court hearing as attorney. The case was rewarded as Typical 50 IPR Cases by Supreme People’s Court in 2012
  • In a trademark infringement dispute re PIRELLI v Gold Partner, representing the plaintiff to file the civil lawsuit and attend the court hearing, to finally persuade the Judges to acknowledge the similarity between PIRELLI trademark and the alleged trademarks. The case was selected as Typical 10 IPR Cases in Qingdao City by Qingdao High People’s Court in 2012
  • In a trademark infringement litigation involving HENNESSY in Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, representing the plaintiff to handle the case. The case was selected as typical case by Meizhou Intermediate People’s Court in 2013
  • In trademark infringement dispute on behalf of Akzo Nobel (right owner of DULUX brand), representing the plaintiff to process the case, to push the defendant to reach a favorable settlement to Akzo Nobel by acquiring 6 DULUX related trademarks squatted by the counterparty.
  • Representing AMAZON as the defendant to handle the Consumer Interest case, proposed a whole strategy for 20 Malicious Litigation filed by anti-counterfeit professionals, won the whole battle by reaching favorable settlements to AMAZON.
  • Wal-mart and its Chinese character of “WO ER MA” were both recognized as well-known trademark through the trademark prosecution processes and through administrative litigation.


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  • “The rules of identifying well-known trademark in practice” – – 2015 (4)