HongFangLaw ~ Company Update
20 October 2017

International recognition for excellence

Dear Colleagues and Partner, HongFangLaw has always thrived in providing our clients and colleagues with the best service quality, and our motivation to support in IP matters is what drives our work every day.

We are always interested in participating in publications and we are happy to be recognized by some of our clients as best service providers in China.

For these many reasons, we are happy to announce that our Partner Ms. Nikita Xue has been nominated as a ranked individual for her work in IP in the past year from WTR1000, and will appear on their magazine in the next issue. In addition, we are honored to announce that Nikita has also been appointed to be co-chair of Asia & Pacific, Law & Practice Sub-committee, and Bulletin Committee of International Trademark Association for the term from 2018-2019.

We are then happy to announce that our other partner Mr. Eric Su has been nominated for the Client Choice Awards 2018 in association with the International Law Office and Lexology. A nomination from one of our clients is reason of great pride for us.

We all know how impressive the work done by Nikita and Eric has been in this year, and we are thrilled to be able to have such announcement to you all today. The whole team is always working hard for our clients, and any recognition for an individual is a recognition on the team good work. We strongly believe that a job well done is always a product of teamwork.

If you would like some more personalized review of the news from us, please kindly let us know by writing to:?public.relation@hongfanglaw.com?. Thank you.