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31 March 2017

China Trademark Office: Official Fees reduced by 50% since April 1, including Trademark Registration, etc.

From the announcement from the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce, official fees of relevant trademark issues will be reduced by 50%, including trademark registration, trademark assignment, trademark renewal, etc.

Details are as follows:

Item Official Fee (RMB)
Application for registration of a trademark in one class 300

(for up to ten goods/services, RMB 30 additional for each good/service in excess of ten)

Re-issuance of registration certificate 500

(publication fee of a Loss Notice included)

Application for transfer of a trademark 500
Application for renewal of a trademark 1000
Additional fee for renewal in a grace period 250
Application for review and adjudication of a trademark 750
Application for change of a trademark 250
Issuance of registration certificate 50
Application for registration of a collective mark 1500
Application for registration of a certification mark 1500
Application for a trademark opposition 500
Application for a trademark cancellation 500
Recordal of license contract for a trademark 150