Hardy Yang



Hardy Yang

The rapid development of the Internet, and the spread of false information, has resulted in the infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of customers. Hardy’s task is to fight against such malicious infringements, collect and collate related infringement information and make complaints online. When necessary, Hardy conducts evidence preservation on the above-mentioned related infringement information to provide effective protection for the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of customers through litigation and other legal means. At the same time, he cooperates with the administrative law enforcement agencies to severely crack down on infringing stores, destroy the infringement propaganda signs, seize and infringe the infringing articles, and supervise and follow-ups in order to fully and effectively protect the interests of customers. Hardy hopes that through his efforts, HongFangLaw can provide greater protection for the legitimate rights and interests of our customers.


2017 – Current: Lawyer assistant, HongfangLaw

2016 – 2017: Training supervisor, Guangzhou qianhua culture communication co. LTD


2010 – 2014: Law, Guangdong University of technology