PoA & Notes

In this page we make available the Power of attorney generally in use with our clients. You can download, fill in the date, sign, chop and forward to us via email with all the necessary instruction. We hope this will make our service more quick and efficient.


  • Power of attorney for copyright registration of computer software [Chinese]
  • Power of attorney for copyright registration of works [Chinese]
  • Request for the duplicate copy [Chinese]
  • Power of attorney for reexamination procedure [Chinese]
  • Request for restoration of right [Chinese]
  • Request for substantive examination [Chinese]
  • Request for extension of time limit [Chinese]
  • Statement for change in bibliographic data [Chinese]
  • Power of attorney [Chinese]
  • Power of attorney [CN&EN]
  • Request for evaluation report of patent [Chinese]
  • Power of attorney for invalidation procedure [Chinese]
  • General PoA [Chinese]