Legal Risk Assessment

Legal risk assessment is highly recommended and necessary for any situation, and it would provide a more comprehensive picture for client to understand the pros and cons when evaluating whether to take any action and which action to take in an efficient way. There usually have a couple of factors to influence the risk assessment process, such as the stability of legal rights owned by both clients and the counterparts, the evidences and information obtained on hands to show the status, and the possible actions to take and their outcome towards the each party. 

The more in-depth legal risk assessed, the more situation controlled. Before initiating any substantial legal proceeding or actions for clients, we would do the legal risk assessment in advance with as much information as possible and provide a full assessment report for client’s consideration. For most of the situations, the legal risk assessment is more required for contentious matters.

In the past practice, we have helped clients to make correct decision on various cases by providing the detailed risk assessment report, including but not limited to the trademark infringement assessment, patent infringement assessment and other complicated cases, with our professionals’ profound knowledge and abundant experiences.