Company Update
March 29, 2024

Tomb-Sweeping Day Holiday 2024 & HFL Offices Closed

Dear Clients and Associates,

Please kindly be noted that we will have our public holiday for the “2024 Tomb-Sweeping Day” in April and that all cases’ deadlines for trademark or Patent matters with the Office of National IP Administration of China, which fall into this period, would be officially extended to the next business day of April 7th (Sunday), 2024.

Offices will be Closed on April 4th (Thursday), 5th (Friday) and 6th (Saturday), 2024.

For this reason, communication via office phones might not be available on that day, and email responses might be delayed.

For urgent matters, please contact our colleagues that are working on your case, and if you need any other support, please feel free to write to our email account below:

Thank you for your attention.
Best Regards