April 25, 2019

IP Protection in International Trade round table

Dear Colleagues, we are pleased to share the news that on April 23rd, 2019, a round table on “Intellectual Property Protection in International Trade” hosted by China’s Inspection and Quarantine Times was held in Beijing, and Mr. Zhang Xu, HFL managing partner, was invited as a guest speaker during the round table event.

The theme of this roundtable was to create a first-class business environment and to promote high-quality development in Intellectual Property. It aimed to build a bridge for communication between government departments, relevant institutions, and foreign trade enterprises, to build a sharing platform, discuss cooperation and seek common development.

During the opening ceremony guests from government departments, professional academic fields, relevant industry associations, and well-known foreign trade enterprises focused on the national policies related to intellectual property protection. Mr. Zhang Xu represented HFL as an expert on Intellectual Property protection for enterprises and on how to export intellectual property safely.

Topics of discussion were the market mechanism and strategic application of the intellectual property system and how to strengthen the administrative enforcement of intellectual property rights and judicial work. In addition, more topics were shared on how to export intellectual property to favor enterprises, corporate intellectual property protection strategies, and more.

During the discussion and Q&A session of the round table, delegates also exchanged views on new business developments options and customs intellectual property protection, opportunities and challenges for enterprises in intellectual property protection, and intellectual property protection connected with business development.

We would like to thank again the China’s Inspection and Quarantine Times for hosting the event and inviting Mr. Zhang Xu as well as all the other prominent speakers to share more on Intellectual Property protection, and on how we can improve the legal environment in the future, so to safeguard enterprises businesses in China and Internationally.

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