March 5, 2020

HFL Webinar on Brand Protection

On Wednesday the 11th of March, our HFL partner Eric Su is pleased to invite you all to attend his webinar conference on the topic of “Brand Protection” in China.

Please be noted that the conference will be held completely in Chinese.

The webinar conference will be held on the Tencent online meeting service between 15:30 and 17:00.

The main topics during the meeting will be:

  • Identification of rights to protect
  • Well-known trademark status
  • Brand protection
  • Seditious defenses
  • Suggestions

To attend the event, you can click or follow this link:

Conference ID as follows: 695 120 456

If you would like to attend the conference via a mobile phone or landline you will be able to connect with these numbers:

+8675536550000,,,695120456#,# (中国大陆)

+8675536550000 (中国大陆)