Company Update
November 24, 2023

HFL Ranked 5A Top 100 Trademark Agency in China

On 22 November 2023, the China Trademark Association (hereinafter “CTA”) held a press conference in Beijing to unveil the list of the Top 600 Trademark Agencies 2022 in China. The list was finalized on official case databases through the evaluation of trademark registration applications, oppositions, reviews and so on that were handled by the registered trademark agencies in China under the Trademark Office of China National Intellectual Property Administration. The list includes agencies ranked from 5A, 4A to 3A respectively.

We are grateful to share with you all that our trademark entity under HFL has been recognized for its professional knowledge and skillful experience and has ranked as one of the Top 100 5A Trademark Agencies. We believe in the motto of ‘what’s past is just the prologue for a greater future’, and we will continue to maintain our high commitment to all the stakeholders and practice by law.