Company Update
February 6, 2024

HFL Awarded Trade Secret Protection Demo Firm

It was a great honor that our law firm has been awarded as the demonstration firm of trade secret protection by Shanghai Putuo District Market Supervision Administration on January 31, 2024.

The trade secret protection demonstration program plays an important role in the trade secret protection system in Shanghai. Shanghai Putuo District Market Supervision Administration started to launch this program from March, 2022 to enhance the anti-unfair competition enforcement, and to provide the support to local businesses with establishment of domestic trade secret protection system, to boost their business development, which is obviously positive to the economic development.

HFL’s Trade Secret Protection and Management Team specializes in intellectual property practices, excelling in providing legal services such as developing corporate trade secret protection schemes, establishing employee confidentiality and non-compete agreements, and customizing Non-disclosure, Non-use and Non-circumvention Agreements. The team comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive practical experience, offering tailored business secret protection solutions based on specific case types, transaction models, entity types, data categories, and other relevant factors, aligning with clients’ unique business requirements.

As member firm of the National Association of Industry and Commerce and the Shanghai Association of Industry and Commerce, HFL law firm proactively provides trade secret protection training sessions for enterprises across various regions. In 2023, Mr. Eric Su, the founding partner of HFL law firm, was invited to give a lecture on domestic and international intellectual property disputes, including trade secret protection and dispute resolution, to the local enterprises in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. He also shared experiences in trade secret protection with high-tech enterprises in Suzhou Industrial Park, energy-efficient and high-tech enterprises in Huai’an City, manufacturing companies in Qi County, and the China Alcoholic Drinks Association (CADA). One of our firm’s lawyers, Dr Daniel Deng was appointed as a member of the “ZHILIANHUXIN” Expert Advisory on IP Protection, providing consultancy and training on trade secret protection to large and medium-sized enterprises in Xinwu district, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. He was also invited by the Sanya Intellectual Property Protection Center to deliver a lecture on the protection of trade secrets overseas.

Furthermore, Mr. Xu Zhang, also the founding partner of HFL law firm, previously introduced the trade secret legislation and judicial practices in China to the participants in the World Intellectual Property Organization China Summer Forum. As the Graduate Student Research & Practice Station of East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL), HFL law firm has established a knowledge exchange mechanism through school-enterprise cooperation, including the training and nurturing of young lawyers who possess both theoretical knowledge and practical capabilities. Mr. Eric Su was appointed as master’s supervisor at ECUPL.

Having received the “Putuo District Trade Secret Protection Demonstration Firm” award, HFL is committed to combining professional expertise with social responsibility to provide enterprises with secure, reliable, and comprehensive business secret protection services. In the future, HFL will continue to rigorously manage internal regulations and employee confidentiality training, enhance client interactions and external cooperation, all while safeguarding the firm’s business information and clients’ trade secrets. We will also strengthen collaboration with universities to enhance research and case-handling capabilities in the field of trade secrets, actively conducts training on trade secret protection for enterprises in various regions, especially for technology-based enterprises, and leverage the law firm’s services to support business associations and enterprises, making contributions to optimizing the business environment and promoting high-quality economic and social development.