Wu Haotian, Jazz


Attorney at Law

Wu Haotian, Jazz

Mr. Wu Haotian is independently responsible for trademark maintenance business, including trademark application, trademark opposition, trademark invalidation declaration, and other trademark non-litigation business. He has completed several domain name arbitration, trademark infringement litigation, and other dispute resolution business.

Mr. Wu Haotian also assists the customer company in maintaining trademark market reputation, including preliminary clue investigation, target screening, target information retrieval, administrative complaints across the country, identification assistance for trademark infringement products, and writing of investigation reports for counterfeit targets.

Mr. Wu Haotian complete various tasks assigned by partners and lead lawyer, such as translation and reporting of legal documents, including judgments and rulings, writing of lawyers’ letters and follow-up, retrieval of trademark usage, and collection and arrangement of evidence of global popularity.


2020-2021 The University of Manchester, Master of Laws

Work Experience

2021 – present Shanghai Hongfu Law Firm